Elevate your brand

Merch has a way with people (that’s why we love it). It helps build awareness, creates tangible brand experiences and improves sales and retention. Plus, it’s a great way to reach a wider audience and improve brand recall.

What do people really think of merch?


like to receive
promotional product1


keep promotional products for more than six years2


recalled the company and message associated with a promotional item3

Get sticky with it

Merch is super sticky. But in a good way, we promise. It is ranked as the most effective marketing tool to incite action across most generations.2

Done right, it can generate sales, grow followers and brand ambassadors and get your message in front of new audiences.

Build a community or lifestyle. Raise funds and show you care. Make a moment memorable while creating additional revenue streams. No matter your goals, merch will help you get there.

Moments of Merch magic

We’ve had the pleasure of creating truly memorable experiences for great brands through merch. Here’s what they have to say.