Store. Send. Save.

Don’t let space limit your brand. We can store your gear for all your locations – and send them out at a click of a button. Plus, you get exclusive shipping rates, so you also save on delivery. Sweet as!


Number of items we ship from our MyMerch warehouse every day

No heavy lifting

Leave the hassle of storage and delivery to us. We’ll do the hard work while you reap the benefits. We’re good like that.

Store your merch securely

Save space and store all your merch in one of our two secure warehouse facilities . With monthly inventory control and all your gear palletised and packed to specifications, your merch is in save hands.

Saving you time

With us taking care of the logistics, you have more time to spend on nurturing your brand. Or playing ping-pong. Your choice.

Feel wrapped in confidence

We carefully pick and pack your curated packs, special campaigns and bulk order to make sure everything arrives safe and sound, ready to delight.

Save on shipping

With exclusive shipping rates, you save even more with every delivery.

Stretch your budget

Storing your merch in our warehouse means more room for that ping-pong table. But you can also save through economies of scale by buying bulk. Win-win.

Deliver anywhere

We can send your merch to one person or to multiple locations in Australia or anywhere in the world.