At Mymerch, we love merch.

Of course - that makes perfect sense. Anything promo with a brand and we’re there. But in loving it, we also take it super seriously.

We’ve been doing it for a pretty long time too. Like 18 years long and still going strong.

Couple that with our infrastructure, tech & resources, and we’ve never been more excited or prepped to bring modern merch to the next gen! (that’s you).

Our merch is your merch, as we say.

So, the Mymerch site you see before you, is the ‘perfect storm’ culmination of years of discovering, honing, building and bridging together our skills and experience.

And now - here it is! We’re pretty chuffed to share our range, our ideas and our passion with you.

MyMerch. Your way.

We get that merchandise and promo gear is all about the tangible. You want to get it out there, put it on desks, wear it out and show it off – not get stuck trying to order.

That’s why you can choose your merch, add your design & check out! Boom.

But don’t worry – we’re still super careful! All proofs & notifications will be emailed to you at the appropriate times. Nothing goes ahead unless we’re happy and you’ve approved it. There’s also a dashboard and history of all your merch jobs too.

It’s almost like we want you to enjoy the best bits of the process!

Less management. More merch

Our aim is to cut out the fluff, so your merch journey is a phenomenal one, every time. That’s why we’ve streamlined and simplified the whole process, without cutting any corners on product or quality.

Like we said – this is next-gen stuff!

MyMerch for the modern

At Mymerch, we’re constantly looking at what’s hot for your brand, and the best way to get your logo onto it. Because it’s all about fresh, on-trend and new.

Kudos to us. Major mojo for you.

Whilst we work with some of the most well-known brands, our Mymerch capabilities allow us to cater to all companies and organisations: big & small. No need to feel intimidated.

Enough about us. Your turn.

By now, you’ve gathered that behind Mymerch is a full team of creative, sourcing, customer service & production gurus - all ready for your order.

Whilst the site is intuitive & user friendly, we’re still only an email, message or call away if you need us or just want to say hey.

We’re looking forward to seeing your logo on some great stuff.