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With the simple end-to-end mymerch hub

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The process

Select Your Merch
Upload Your Art
Approve Designs
Confirm Order
Send to recipients or store in our warehouse
Step 1

Select your merch

From our full range of curated, quality and contemporary products & preset packs for all occasions. We only use the best & tested products.

Step 2

Upload your art

Upload your art so we can start working on best branding and design options. Some designs are more suitable for some products. Not to worry, we will advise you.

Step 3

Approve designs

We send you the design mockup for your approval. This is done via our full in-house creative team. Colour, size & placements are checked.

Step 4

Confirm order

If you’re happy with the designs, you give us the green light. Your merch is sent to the recipients or stored in our warehouse.

Step 5